History of TPRS

TPR Storytelling® was created by Blaine Ray in the 1990's. Teachers all over the world are trying this powerful foreign language teaching method. With TPRS you can use your existing text. There is no need to spend money investing in new materials. You can learn the steps and use TPRS right away.

This website will help you locate TPR Storytelling® training as well as books and other helpful materials. Workshops are held all over the country, and often there are opportunities to attend an inservice sponsored by a local school district at a reduced rate or even free. If workshops are not available in your area, Blaine Ray is available to inservice your school district.


Contact Information

Blaine Ray Workshops
8411 Nairn Drive
Eagle Mountain, UT  84005
Phone: 888-373-1920
Fax: 888 RAY TPRS (729-8777)

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